Obama’s Weekly Address: Every Child Deserves a Fair Shot

720px-US-WhiteHouse-LogoIn Obama’s most recent weekly address, he laid out his plan to ensure that more children will get more access to high-quality preschool and graduate from school fully prepared for their future, college and career-wise.

It is evident that elementary and secondary schools are doing better than they have in recent years, and along with this, news reports show that high school graduation rate has hit an all-time high, but with great progress comes even more work and determination to ensure every child receives a quality education. This directly correlates to the Presidents desire to replace No Child Left Behind with a new law that addresses the overuse o (Read more...)

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Bullying of Kids With Disabilities – P.S. VI: TK-II

The TK decision which we featured in our recent series on bullying is the leading case on bullying and which I think articulates a new FAPE BULLYING standard came back to the District Court  The case came back to the District Court after having been remanded to the State Review Officer, and the court issued its decision in late July, 2014. For clarity, I'm calling the remand decision TK II.

 On remand, the SRO found that the parents had not shown that the bullying substantially affected the student’s educational performance and denied reimbursement for a unilateral placement, but the district court reversed. The court held that the FAPE bullying standard is as follows: A d (Read more...)
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New Weekly Question!

As we wind down our series on bullying of kids with disabilities, have you found the series to be helpful? What other series would you like to see in future posts?
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5 Places to Discover in Faro, Portugal

Despite its off-putting suburbs, Faro at heart is a lively place whose old quarter has one of the most elegant squares in the Algarve. This walking tour is best done in the relative cool of the morning. Allow 2 hours. 1. Rua Muzinho de Albuquerque The streets in this area...
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Jury Duty #juryduty

This does not really relate to special education law, but I have been called to jury duty.  So as a heads up if posts die down all of a sudden, it  will likely be because i am doing my civic duty.

It is very unlikely that I will ever serve on a jury for a number of reasons. Rather than weasel out of it, however, I am making myself available to be rejected numerous times by a wide variety of lawyers.  It would be fun and no doubt enlightening to see the other side of the justice system in action.  I fear, however, that  although willing, I won't be impaneled.

Anyway if I get quiet suddenly, this is most likely the cause.

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Bullying of Kids With Disabilities P.S. V – 20 Year study #bully

Bullying of children with disabilities continues to be the hot button issue in special education law. The Special Education Law Blog has previously run an in depth series of posts on bullying of children with disabilities.  

A 2013  study reviewing twenty years of data concerning the effects of bullying on children in general provides more insight into the harmful effects of this nasty phenomenon. The effects may be worse than previously suspected.

In breaking news, a study was released last week that followed children who were bullied or were bullies or both for a period of twenty years. The study by William E. Copeland, PhD; Dieter Wolke, PhD; Adr (Read more...)
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Exploring the Rugged Mountain Ranges of Southern Namibia

Southern Namibia is a vast, arid region with landscapes ranging from the desolate Namib in the west to the rolling Kalahari dunes in the east. The gravel plains merging with the horizon, rugged mountains and fascinating geological features will enchant you. Although stark and forbidding, the terrain is especially attractive...
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United Nations Global Education First Initiative Launches #DrawDisability Campaign

GefiThe United Nations Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) are now accepting  Submissions for a global art campaign that aims to raise young people’s awareness of disabilities and inclusion. GEFI, partnering with the Global Observatory for Inclusion (GLOBI), and the GEFI Youth Advocacy Group (YAG), have launched the #DrawDisability campaign and invite children and youth to reflect on the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), through drawing.

Schools from around the world are encouraged to get involved in the campaign. A set of Teacher Guidelines have been developed to help teachers promote critical reflections and awareness of disability within the classroom. The Teac (Read more...)

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The Center for American Progress Shows Why We Need a Federal Preschool Investment

Center-for-american-progress-logoPresident Barack Obama is committed to providing all children including those with disabilities access to high-quality preschool opportunities. And although strong progress is being made, there is still much more to do to ensure that all children have access to high-quality early childhood programs from birth. 

The Center for American Progress released 6 charts that show why policymakers need to invest in early childhood education now. Their Research indicates that access to quality preschool can provide improvement for children that will influence their accomplishments for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, not every child has access to high-quality early education, a (Read more...)

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Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes Releases FastFact Sheet on QRIS

CEELOThe Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) released a new FastFact sheet entitled QRIS and Inclusion: Do State QRIS Standards Support the Learning Needs of All Children? This sheet reviews which states accommodate children with special needs in their quality rating and improvement system (QRIS), and highlights states with exceptional inclusionary practices. 

QRIS provides technical support and increased financial benefits for participating programs to attain higher levels of excellence. The participation in a QRIS is continuing to become a condition for family child care and centers to have in order to receive state or federal funds. Federal initiatives that include (Read more...)

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