Endrew F and The Metaphysics of Special Education Law #metaphysics #Hegel #Paul Simon

We have gotten a robust reaction to the post a while back concerning who won Endrew F? It seems that each side (parents and school officials) still thinks that they won. Why is that?

First, we should probably take a look at special education law.  We have long said here that special education law is closer to metaphysics than it is to contract law. Contract law, and other types of old law, have "hornbook" rules that have been settled for ages. Old lawyers can apply those settled rules to a fact pattern and predict an outcome with reasonable certainty. (Although as one very senior attorney once told me, "anybody who says they know what a jury will do is lying.")

Special ed law, though (Read more...)

What is Bignity?

Well, if you’ve fallen upon this site, you obviously know we are the go-to source for all things special needs. I mean, duh.
But what about that funny word Bignity? Some gross spelling error or something? What is up with that?

In order to explain, we all must take a trip, back about 25 years ago, when I was a wee little tot of the 80’s generation. My parents were big fans of listening to the 80’s classics – Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and of course, Whitney Houston. I loved em too, and we’d often listen in the car as a family. I remember those days vividly, sitting in my car seat, in the back of world’s ugliest yellow station wagon, listening to the tapes and singing my little behind off.