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Sicky McSickerton Me!

I am so sick. It hit so suddenly that I was totally unprepared for it. I didn’t think I’d get sick this year because I’m happy and I’m not super-stressed. I was ridiculously sick on Wednesday morning, but since I … Continue reading

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Knocked it Out the Park!!!

Dear Readers, I’m not sure why I’m surprised that I knocked the ball out the park with my latest PD that I presented it with my co-teacher. Presentations are my strong suit. So, it should have come as no surprise. … Continue reading

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I Should Have Known!!!

Dear Readers, As I was pushing into one of the math classes I support, I was taken aback that a student I was helping in 9th grade didn’t know her multiplication tables. Now, this particular student is something. In the … Continue reading

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Nerdy Me!

Dear Readers, I feel like such a nerd! “Why?,” you ask. Well, I’ve just recently learned Google docs, Edmodo, Kahoot!, and a host of other online & tech programs I was previously able to use. Well, I spent the better … Continue reading

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Happy Me!!! Part…I Don’t Know

Dear Readers, I’ve written so many posts entitled “Happy Me” that I’ve lost count. That’s not as important as why I’m happy, so I won’t even harp on them. I’ll get to why I’m so happy. I’m so happy because … Continue reading

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“Only Me,” he said.

Dear Readers, I got a story to tell you. Wanna’ hear, here it goes. One of my students was in a mood today. You see, in the beginning of school I gave him many chances to answer questions when others … Continue reading

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Detox Time!

Dear Readers, I’ve been so overly busy the past couple of weeks that I have not had time to detox. One of the main reasons is that my classroom is never empty. I have the class for 1st & 2nd … Continue reading

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(Almost) No NPs!!!

Dear Readers, I’m very happy about my students receiving almost no NP’s! I checked grades last week before report cards were due and last night at parent conferences. Almost all of the parents were happy. Most of all, my students … Continue reading

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The Face of 44!

Dear Readers, A pic of me on Friday. It’s not my favorite pic, but I must say, not bad for 44!

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Terrible Me!!!

Dear Readers,   I feel so bad. Today I cut this student to shreds. I really didn’t mean to. It’s just that she’s so frustrating. She will sit in class and do absolutely nothing. I’ve been dealing with this since … Continue reading

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